The Other Pilot is released in audiobook today!  For the past two months I’ve been working with George Kuch, an experienced narrator who has produced more than 45 novels.  Though I wrote the words and have read, edited and polished them for years until I could almost recite the whole story, it sounds new and fresh with  George’s different nuance and phrasing.  Now I know why some people prefer to have their stories read.  It’s fun.

The Other Pilot audiobook has been produced through Audiobook Creation Exchange, ACX, a marketplace for authors, narrators, producers, agents, and publishers to create and distribute audiobooks.  ACX is a major distributor for Amazon and the sole distributor for the Itunes store in addition to having their own store at  Audiobooks were a $1.5  Billion market last year and are increasing 30% per year.  Now I know why.  Most audiobooks today are digital downloads onto all kinds of devices; listening devices, computers, smart phones, Ipods, etc.

If sales go as expected I could soon be working with George on The Devil on Chardonnay, The Mingrelian, and as soon as it’s published, The Fourth Domain.

So, go to Audible, or wait a couple days for Amazon, or Itunes, and find The Other Pilot and listen to the sample.  It’s a kick!