Help!  I need some audio book reviews.  I have some free promotion copies to distribute to friends, fans, and family.  If you would like to listen to one of my stories, narrated by one of the best professional narrators in the business, let me know.  The Other Pilot is at

But, you must agree to listen to the whole ten hours and then upload a review to the Audible web site.  To do that you would go back to the link to the book and find the button to add an Audible review.  It doesn’t have to be long or flowery, just honest.  A four or five star rating would be nice.  Mention something about the narration.

The Devil on Chardonnay was just released yesterday.  You can find it at

To download an audio book you can download a free app and listen to it on your computer, or on any listening device or smartphone.  Trust me on this, it isn’t hard.  I’m the guy who hasn’t figured out Facebook yet.  You will have to open an account by giving your email, but that’s free.  They will pitch you on joining their monthly program but you don’t need to do that.

I have a limited number of freebies, and I can’t guarantee everyone will get one, so let me know ASAP.  I’ll give you the details on how to get your free audio book when I answer your email.