SLIDING DELTA was published in Europe this week and the 234 page paperback will be featured by Amazon Europe.  The U.S./Canada release date for paperback and electronic Kindle edition is June 1st.  Releasing a book in Europe first is like opening a play on the road to tune it up, get some reviews and build enthusiasm for the big Broadway opening.  I will have galley proofs to send out for reviews, and hope to get some early feedback from European readers.  In spite of proofreading by three editors and myself there might still be some typos.  And, I can always decide to change the ending.  Kindle versions can be pre-ordered now and will load to your Kindle or other reading device automatically on June 1st.  Another advantage of doing it this way is that when all those pre-orders load the book will hit the best seller list right away.  The big publishers have played the book release game this way for generations, so now I am too.  I’m giving away 10 copies on Goodreads.