SLIDING DELTA is finally released and will be FREE to download from Amazon for the next two days; Friday and Saturday.  Get one!  SLIDING DELTA is a quest to find legendary musician Mississippi John Hurt and learn to pick the Delta blues that takes a Chicago college boy south of Memphis in the summer of 1965.

Why give ’em away?  As an independent author, book reviews on the Amazon web site are the strongest marketing tool I have.  My market is a huge universe of readers who read a lot, sometimes a book a day.  They browse for bargains, subscribe to blogs that alert them to the fiction they like, and then judge the books by the cover, the blurb, and other reader’s comments.  Until I get a couple dozen reviews I’m at a disadvantage.  So, get a book and give me a review.  Not a literary type?  Afraid your high school English teacher wouldn’t approve?  Don’t worry about it.  Just go to the reviews section below the details about the book and hit the button next to that box.  Rate it and put in what you liked or didn’t like about it.  Thanks.

Now, I know I should have a button with an active link to the Amazon page, but I can’t make that work.  I’ve killed the whole damn morning and I’ve already set up the freebie for tomorrow and want to get the word out, so while I work with my web designer I’m going to ask you to copy the link into your browser.  I’m a dunce.

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