About the Author



Ed has lived in every southern state except Mississippi, and he spent the night in jail there once. That adventure led to the novel BOOKMAN, a tale of a door to door salesman traveling through small southern towns in the 1960’s.

He served as an Air Force flight surgeon during the Viet Nam war and was recalled to active duty from the Colorado Air National Guard for the first Persian Gulf War. He shamelessly milked the next 20 years for novel worthy experiences and characters, flew in almost every Air Force aircraft, and served air crew duty over every continent except Antarctica. His best selling adventure series featuring Major Boyd Chailland includes THE OTHER PILOT, THE DEVIL ON CHARDONNAY, THE MINGRELIAN, and THE FOURTH DOMAIN.

Also a Southern Writer, SLIDING DELTA, a historic novel about a quest to find legendary musician Mississippi John Hurt and learn to pick the delta blues that takes a Chicago boy south of Memphis in the summer of 1965 will be published in the fall. In the future is LITTLE RIVER EMPIRE, a saga that follows the wealth and power of three families from the Civil War through the drainage of swampland west of the confluence of the Missouri and Ohio Rivers.