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Free Audio Books!

Help!  I need some audio book reviews.  I have some free promotion copies to distribute to friends, fans, and family.  If you would like to listen to one of my stories, narrated by one of the best professional narrators in the business, let me know.  The Other Pilot is at

But, you must agree to listen to the whole ten hours and then upload a review to the Audible web site.  To do that you would go back to the link to the book and find the button to add an Audible review.  It doesn’t have to be long or flowery, just honest.  A four or five star rating would be nice.  Mention something about the narration.

The Devil on Chardonnay was just released yesterday.  You can find it at

To download an audio book you can download a free app and listen to it on your computer, or on any listening device or smartphone.  Trust me on this, it isn’t hard.  I’m the guy who hasn’t figured out Facebook yet.  You will have to open an account by giving your email, but that’s free.  They will pitch you on joining their monthly program but you don’t need to do that.

I have a limited number of freebies, and I can’t guarantee everyone will get one, so let me know ASAP.  I’ll give you the details on how to get your free audio book when I answer your email.

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Audiobook: The Other Pilot

The Other Pilot is released in audiobook today!  For the past two months I’ve been working with George Kuch, an experienced narrator who has produced more than 45 novels.  Though I wrote the words and have read, edited and polished them for years until I could almost recite the whole story, it sounds new and fresh with  George’s different nuance and phrasing.  Now I know why some people prefer to have their stories read.  It’s fun.

The Other Pilot audiobook has been produced through Audiobook Creation Exchange, ACX, a marketplace for authors, narrators, producers, agents, and publishers to create and distribute audiobooks.  ACX is a major distributor for Amazon and the sole distributor for the Itunes store in addition to having their own store at  Audiobooks were a $1.5  Billion market last year and are increasing 30% per year.  Now I know why.  Most audiobooks today are digital downloads onto all kinds of devices; listening devices, computers, smart phones, Ipods, etc.

If sales go as expected I could soon be working with George on The Devil on Chardonnay, The Mingrelian, and as soon as it’s published, The Fourth Domain.

So, go to Audible, or wait a couple days for Amazon, or Itunes, and find The Other Pilot and listen to the sample.  It’s a kick!

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Angels Twenty: A Book Review

How does it really feel to be a fighter pilot in combat?  Virtually all of the books on the subject tell of the thrill of living on the edge of death, where one slight miscalculation or turn of luck can end your life.  Valor isn’t risking your life unafraid, it’s risking your life scared shitless but doing it anyway.  That is Edwards Park’s story, and it’s fascinating.  Sent to Australia to fly the already obsolete Bell Aircobra, P-39, Park flew out of Port Moresby, New Guinea in 1943, protecting the airfield from marauding Japanese bombers escorted by much superior fighters.  The story is billed as fiction; the account of Beaver Squadron, young American heroes facing the war in their own fatalistic way, but it accurately follows Park’s actual experiences.  I’ve cross referenced his dates and battles; he was there.

Park survived and became a writer and journalist, working for the Smithsonian Institution.  He shows the human side of the pilots and gives the best descriptions I’ve read of what it was actually like to fly those old piston engine aircraft; the smells, the feeling, the thrills, the panic.

As America overpowers Japan the fight moves north and East from New Guinea, with Beaver Squadron following along in their inferior aircraft filling in however they can; taking casualties from accidents and the Japanese, making their contribution.

I’m doing research for a novel on this era and  bought a used copy of this book because it is out of print and not available as an Ebook.  If you want a humanistic, very different view of war, this is for you.



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The Fourth Domain: Ed Baldwin’s new book

draft cover Domain

This is the first draft of the cover for my newest adventure novel The Fourth Domain.  It’s a political drama with world wide scope. Deadlocked most of the time, with sudden consensus congress can act in an afternoon; not the best way to govern a nation.  The Fourth Domain  is about how it happens, and what can result.  Protagonist Major Boyd Chailland is called to action yet again to go undercover in the Pentagon.

What do you think?


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My novel The Devil on Chardonnay is about an Ebola outbreak that spreads to the United States.  I’ve been fascinated by this illness since I was the Pentagon action officer creating the Global Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance and response System.  I had access to the world’s experts on Ebola and I milked them shamelessly for insight as I was going to write a novel about it. The beginning of The Devil on Chardonnay  is based on the account I got in person from the army veterinarian who observed the Kikwit outbreak for the World Health Organization in 1996.

Ebola lives in the jungle of the Congo basin, and outbreaks start when people kill and butcher monkeys for food.  Ebola spreads from contact with bodily fluid, especially blood, and it’s 80% fatal.  No other illness except rabies has that high a fatality rate; not smallpox, not anthrax, not meningitis.  It isn’t endemic in monkeys because it kills them as fast as it kills people, so a small group that gets Ebola is wiped out.  Where does Ebola live between primate outbreaks?  That’s the biggest mystery in microbiology.

I did extensive research for The Devil on Chardonnay.  The only departure from scientific fact in the story involves a slight evolution that makes it viable in a mosquito’s stomach and therefore transmissible by that insect vector.  Ebola doesn’t do that.  Everything else, including the vaccine technology in the story is factual.  It is one hell of a story.  If you want to know all about Ebola, read The Devil on Chardonnay.



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The Mingrelian: Published!


Boyd Chailland is back, and The Mingrelian, his most exciting adventure yet will keep thriller readers in their seats for the whole ride.  He’s already done West Texas, the Indian Ocean, and the Azores; now he’s undercover again, in Central Asia.  It’s intrigue, espionage, romance, and conflict beneath the snowcapped Caucasus Mountains in the Republic of Georgia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.   Boyd’s mission is to find The Mingrelian, America’s most important source of secrets about Iranian nuclear weapons, but he finds much more.  First, there’s a Circassian beauty who sweeps Boyd off his feet, then Iran has a nuclear coming out party.   Then the action starts.  This isn’t about the world coming to the brink of anything, this is about the big party, The Great Game, as Russia, Iran and the United States compete for influence in Central Asia.   When you finish this story, and sit there with your heart pumping and goosebumps, you will say, “Yeah, this could happen just like this tomorrow.”  And, you’d be right.

The official release date for The Mingrelian is June 1st, when it should be available through any bookstore (probably have to order it).  It is published by Brasfield Books through Ingram Spark, the publishing arm of Ingram, the largest distributer of books in the United States.  In addition, it will be available in eBook format from Amazon, Kobo, and Itunes, as well as any other eBook source, and to libraries through Baker and Taylor.  The eBook is available now as a Kindle book from Amazon.   Read it, review it, let the world know what you think of The Mingrelian.

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The Book Cover



This is the draft of the cover art for my next novel, The Mingrelian.  Steve Meosky of Austin Texas created this design.  He is the designer of The Other Pilot and The Devil on Chardonnay covers as well.

He’s dapper, confident, mysterious, and he’s looking over his shoulder.  Well he should, because he’s been laundering Iranian oil money through the Republic of Georgia, and passing secrets about Iran’s nuclear weapons program to the Americans; triple agent espionage.  But, there’s the promise of action in this picture too.  What is that C-130 doing behind him, and which mountains are those?  Oh, this is going to be fun.

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The Mingrelian: Espionage at a Tbilisi rug shop


IMG_0212This is the rug shop in Tbilisi, Georgia where Boyd Chailland, the dashing Air Force captain and protagonist of Ed Baldwin’s adventure series meets his contact in the shadowy world of Central Asian political intrigue.  When the beautiful Ekaterina Dadiani steps out from behind a curtain in this rug shop the whole story changes for Boyd, and for the reader.  “The Mingrelian”, CIA’s code word for the spy passing secrets about Iran’s nuclear weapons program suddenly becomes personal.  Is it Ekaterina?  If not, who?  Why?  What happens if the Iranians find out?

You won’t have to wait long.  Boyd’s tale is almost done, and Steve Meosky, the cover artist for The Other Pilot, The Devil on Chardonnay, is back on the job with The Mingrelian. Expect to be reading something in May.

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The Mingrelian: Boyd Chailland’s next adventure

IMG_0264This is the Dadiani Palace, home to the last reigning Prince of Mingrelia, who abdicated to the Russian Czar in the late 19th century and moved to St. Petersburg while the Czar took the remaining western portion of Georgia and the warm water port of Batumi on the Black Sea.  The snow capped mountains in the background are the Caucasus, with Abkhazia in the foreground and Sochi, Russia just beyond.  That’s where the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held.

We left Tbilisi, Georgia last weekend and drove 160 miles west to the Black Sea.  The Caucasus Mountains, 20,000 feet tall and snowcapped year round are on both sides of the valley.  The Dadiani Palace is in Zugdidi, just 25 miles from the Black Sea, so the climate is sub-tropical; they’re selling oranges, lemons, and gigantic persimmons all along the road.  Batumi is a destination resort long prized by the Russians and now popular with many from the Middle East because it’s warm in the summer, but not hot.  We stayed at the Radisson Blue in Batumi; 19 floors tall right on the Black Sea.  The highway from Tbilisi is lined by modest houses of people engaged in subsistence agriculture on small plots of land given them when the Soviet Union dissolved and Georgia became independent.  Though the land is fertile and water plentiful, there is no sign of modern large scale farming.

It’s from this background that The Mingrelian will emerge; Boyd Chailland’s next adventure.  Stay tuned for more.

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The Devil on Chardonnay published today!

DOC_Kindle_LayoutThe Devil on Chardonnay, the second novel in the Boyd Chailland series of geopolitical thrillers is published as a Kindle eBook on Amazon today!

Boyd Chailland evolved after his adventure in The Other Pilot. He took a beating in that tale, and he’s wary. Yet, he needs action; more action than just flying high performance fighters and training to be in the first wave in the next war. When General Ferguson shows up at Boyd’s wing commander’s office with a Top Secret assignment, he takes it without asking what it is. It’s an international thrill ride of bad actors and close calls.

Some people died on an isolated island in the Indian Ocean after developing a secret vaccine for the world’s most deadly virus; Ebola. Boyd is the team leader to find out who and why. What a team it is; Colonel Joe Smith, shy army pathologist and world expert on Ebola, Raybon Clive and Davann Goodman, disabled vets flying smuggled booze into Muslim Mombasa in an old seaplane, Pamela Prescott, lawyer and FBI agent with a drinking problem, and MacDonnald Wilde, paroled felon and con man.

The trail of death, betrayal, and bad intentions leads from jihadists in Africa to diamond brokers in Europe, to bankers in South Carolina, and finally to the century old sailing yacht Chardonnay and her owner, the notorious European merchant banker Michelle Meilland. Supported by Strategic Command’s Proliferation Security Initiative command center at Ft. Belvoir in suburban Washington, DC, Boyd is backed up by the authority and resources of the entire U.S. government, yet that’s not enough and when the chips are down, it’s just Boyd Chailland. The plot accelerates across the Atlantic in hurricane season as the forces of evil stay one jump ahead of America’s slow moving response to an action packed climax in the Azores.

This story has many heroes and villains; all well meaning, all flawed. But, there’s only one devil on Chardonnay.

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