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Baldwin’s novel about the New Madrid Earthquake!

The New Madrid Earthquake Fault is a big crack in the continental shelf that runs down the middle of North America. It’s been there for thousands of years and it moves some every few weeks; just a little quiver.   Every couple hundred years it moves a lot.  The last big one was 1811-12.  The center of  the New Madrid Earthquake Fault, the unstable part, is in southeast Missouri  where it dips down into Arkansas; the Missouri Bootheel. This will be a multi-generational historical fiction saga about the people and the place that changed completely after the earth shook for six months.  The Cherokee Nation moved west to get out of the swamp created when the earth sank.  There was an important Civil War battle fought there.  The largest drainage project in the U.S. drained the swamp, and created half a million acres of the best farmland in the world.  For two years I’ve been researching the Little River Drainage District, Cherokee Indians,  the Civil War, the early railroads, seismology and earthquakes, the history of land patents, litigation of trusts and wills, and DNA genealogy.   This will be historical fiction in the manner of James Michener; where the major events are historically accurate but most of the drama and characters are fictional.  The Center for Earthquake Research and Information at the University of Memphis has up to the minute data from seismic monitors spread over the entire region affected by the New Madrid Fault; Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois. Go to their website.

I hope the next big one doesn’t happen before I finish my book.

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Friday Blues Fix Interview with Author Ed Baldwin


Friday Blues Fix posted an interview with Ed Baldwin, author of the newly released novel Sliding Delta, on Friday August 12.  This weekly in depth look at the world of blues music, musicians, and events originates from Oxford, Mississippi and is a useful tool for anyone who enjoys or is curious about this most basic of American music forms.  What’s new?  Who is?  Who was?

Praising Sliding Delta as the best book he’s read this year, editor Graham Clarke says blues fans will be hooked by the engaging story and characters.  His Ten Questions include why Baldwin chose Mississippi John Hurt as the centerpiece for the story and did Baldwin witness any of the racial tensions described in the story.

Go to Friday Blues Fix for the whole interview and some nifty links to music mentioned in Sliding Delta.


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Free Books! Get Your Copy of BOOKMAN Today!

For the next two days Bookman will be available for download on Amazon for free, nada, zip.  This promotion is offered to direct attention to my first novel, published 25 years ago, because I’m returning to my Southern fiction roots with Sliding Delta.  This is my best work and scheduled for release June 1st.  If you like Memphis in 1965, Delta blues music, the Civil Rights struggle, Beale Street, Mississippi, and Arkansas, then you need to have a look at the promo for Sliding Delta.  Or, just click on the Bookman link on my writings page.

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SLIDING DELTA: Fiction Compared to John Irving’s Best!

Initial reviews of bestselling author Ed Baldwin’s new book SLIDING DELTA are favorable.

“This is a piece of fiction reminiscent of some of John Irving’s most memorable work. The characters are finely drawn, the descriptions of place and time — the racially charged Sixties in the Deep South — are spot on, and the vulnerable experiences of a young man still searching for his life’s direction will ensure that you read until the last word.”– PUBLISHER’S DAILY REVIEWS

Delta blues music, social turmoil, and a love story; who could want more in a steamy Southern tale?  Look for it in June.

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Sliding Delta: The Adventure Of Delta Blues Music

SLIDING DELTA is a quest to find legendary musician “Mississippi” John Hurt and learn to pick the Delta blues that takes a Chicago college boy south of Memphis in the summer of 1965.  The manuscript is edited and in formatting.  Here is the cover.  Steve Meosky, the cover artist who did all the Boyd Chailland adventure novels, created the cover from a Joe Alper photo of John Hurt taken in 1964.  Galley proofs will be available in a few weeks.  Those interested in reviewing send me an email.

“Delta blues taste like sweat and cheap whiskey, smell like jail, and sound best in a concrete block club with no windows, set back along the river where there’s no law after dark.”


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