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The Devil on Chardonnay cover art

coverThe cover art for my new novel The Devil on Chardonnay has just been submitted.  Steve Meosky, the cover artist is still working out colors and detail but I thought readers might enjoy seeing the evolution of a book cover.  Chardonnay is a beautiful 120 foot sailing yacht built early in the last century and in this adventure she is sailing toward the volcano Pico on the island of that name in the Azores.  Much of the plot of The Devil on Chardonnay takes place on this vessel and in the Azores.

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The Devil on Chardonnay

My next book is almost finished. The Devil on Chardonnay thrusts Boyd Chailland into an adventure on the world stage. A secret vaccine; jihadists in Sudan, crooked bankers in South Carolina, and a dead viral researcher in the Seychelles are just the beginning. The real action starts when Boyd, a female FBI agent, and a banker sprung from the federal pen at Leavenworth sail on a 120 ft. sailing yacht from Charleston to the Azores during hurricane season with the notorious European merchant banker Michelle Meilland. The Devil on Chardonnay has location, quirky characters, action, and a bio-warfare threat that could happen tomorrow. The action climax takes place here, in the Azores, on this volcano. I lived there for two years and my story will give the reader a sense of that wonderful, out of the way paradise.

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Write a Book!

Anyone can write a book, it’s easy. Selling books is what’s hard. I’ve written three novels, a screenplay, a textbook, and a bunch of short stories. Some of that has been published, some not. I’m working on it. I’ve sold books door to door, owned a publishing company before the ebook revolution made it easy to self publish, owned a retail bookstore where I lost my shirt, and now published an ebook and a new paperback. It’s a challenge. I’d like to hear from others trying to peddle their wares. Any pointers?

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