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The Book Cover



This is the draft of the cover art for my next novel, The Mingrelian.  Steve Meosky of Austin Texas created this design.  He is the designer of The Other Pilot and The Devil on Chardonnay covers as well.

He’s dapper, confident, mysterious, and he’s looking over his shoulder.  Well he should, because he’s been laundering Iranian oil money through the Republic of Georgia, and passing secrets about Iran’s nuclear weapons program to the Americans; triple agent espionage.  But, there’s the promise of action in this picture too.  What is that C-130 doing behind him, and which mountains are those?  Oh, this is going to be fun.

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Book Expo America 2013


Author Ed Baldwin will be attending the Book Expo America in New York City May 28-June 1 to promote his new book, The Devil on Chardonnay. BookExpo America is the premier promotional event for the publishing industry and will showcase bestselling authors (unfortunately, not Ed Baldwin this year), and newly released books. Agents, Authors, publishers, promoters, printers, editors, lawyers, marketers, advertisers, and anyone else wanting to make a buck off of books will be there hustling. Ed loves to hustle. Ed used to be a door to door salesman.

The Devil on Chardonnay, the second thriller in the Boyd Chailland series, takes Boyd to Africa and the Indian Ocean to kick off a page turner about a secret vaccine, and contains the inside dope on how America would respond to a biological threat, written by one who helped create part of that infrastructure. Like The Other Pilot, Boyd uses his brains to figure this one out, and flying various types of aircraft is his trademark, but The Devil on Chardonnay is also about a beautiful sailing yacht. Look for it in June.

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Write a Book!

Anyone can write a book, it’s easy. Selling books is what’s hard. I’ve written three novels, a screenplay, a textbook, and a bunch of short stories. Some of that has been published, some not. I’m working on it. I’ve sold books door to door, owned a publishing company before the ebook revolution made it easy to self publish, owned a retail bookstore where I lost my shirt, and now published an ebook and a new paperback. It’s a challenge. I’d like to hear from others trying to peddle their wares. Any pointers?

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