“The Delta blues taste like sweat and cheap whiskey; smell like jail; sound best in a concrete block club with no windows, set back along the river where there’s no law after dark.”

Sliding Delta is Ed Baldwins Latest Novel.

General Trusten Polk’s F-16 explodes on takeoff in Denver. Within hours he’s exposed as an impostor, a war hero politician controlled by others. As Captain Boyd Chailland, the pilot member of the accident board uncovers Polk’s lonely private life he finds another pilot from Polk’s past knows all his secrets and is leaking them to the press. Congressman Roscoe Kelly is tied to bank fraud and other politicians with ties to Polk duck and weave. The press smells blood and government corruption dominates the news cycle. Is The Other Pilot a patriot or a criminal? Where did all that money come from?
Boyd rushes to find The Other Pilot, as signs point to a criminal mastermind with a lust for revenge.
The spark to set off civil war in America is on a ranch in west Texas. Boyd, his English teacher lover, his flight surgeon pal, a vintage aircraft enthusiast with a restored P-51 Mustang, and a small town sheriff are the nation’s last line of defense

Espionage, nuclear weapons, high stakes diplomacy, malfeasance and thievery are all part of the great game as Russia, Iran and the United States compete for influence beneath the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains in Central Asia. Air Force Capt. Boyd Chailland, goes undercover to meet “The Mingrelian,” America’s most important source for Iranian nuclear secrets. Captivated by the rich Georgian culture, Boyd falls for a Circassian beauty. Together they must crash Iran’s nuclear coming out party to rescue the one man who can save Persia from itself.

In the sequel to The Other Pilot, Capt. Boyd Chailland returns to action in The Devil On Chardonnay. Re-assigned from flying F-16s to investigate a viral lab on a deserted island in the Seychelle Islands, Boyd finds someone tried to make a secret vaccine to the deadly Ebola virus. Who, and why leads to jihadists in Africa, diamond brokers in Europe, and bankers in South Carolina. Trying to get ahead of the trail of deceit and death, Boyd boards the luxury sailing yacht Chardonnay to cross the Atlantic during hurricane season with her merchant banker owner, the notorious Michelle Meilland. The kick ass climax in the Azores will leave the reader breathless, but it’s not over until it’s over. Villains and heroes abound in this story; all are well intentioned, all are flawed. But there is only one Devil on Chardonnay.

A young man’s odyssey through the Mid-South during the turbulent sixties. It has moonshiners and small town jails and rednecks and blacks struggling toward equality. There are big city fancy women and some fast talking salesmen and finally a catharsis which shines some light on the Mid-South as it was, and is, and could be.

What moves our government?

A techno-thriller so accurate it may not be fiction at all! Congress acts quickly after a series of security breaches leads to military and diplomatic crisis. Billions are spent in hastily written defense contracts, but embarrassing blunders continue. As alliances and the balance of power shift, Maj. Boyd Chailland goes undercover in the Pentagon to find the mole leaking secrets; but it isn't a mole. In an adventure that sweeps from Africa to the Arctic, Boyd finds a fundamental flaw in our Information Technology infrastructure, and a conspiracy that is milking it for profit and pushing America off our perch as the world's superpower. Then Chailland's family disappears and he must confront his own dark past.